LNG Blue Corridors Project Moving Forward

 LNG Blue Corridors Project Moving Forward

The LNG Blue Corridors project has begun exactly a year ago and a good progress has already been made.

Three new LNG stations have been inaugurated as part of the LNG Blue Corridors project, namely, in Italy, Sweden and Belgium, and this is considered a major step in the project.

Alongside already opened stations, there are others whose locations have been discussed and approved recently by the Blue Corridors partners. These locations are:

  • Malaga (Spain) by GNF;
  • Lisbon (Portugal) by GOLD;
  • Lyon (France) by GNVERT;
  • Paris (France) by GNVERT;
  • Porto (Portugal) by GALP;
  • Jesenice (Slovenia) by ENOS; and
  • Brussels (Belgium) by DRIVE SYSTEM.

All of these stations will enable the development of a strong LNG network alongside preexisting facilities, enabling LNG trucks to drive confidently across European roads.

Also, the first LNG trucks have been engaged in the project and will be put on the road soon. They have already been funded by the LNG Blue Corridors project and will generate information using a data logging system installed in each vehicle that will later be analysed.

LNG World News Staff, June 13, 2014; Image: LNG Blue Corridors

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