LNG Limited granted OSMR technology patents

LNG Limited granted OSMR technology patents

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited said that the company has been issued its second and final Canadian Patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in Canada.

The company now has patents in Canada to protect its two primary inventions being:

  • A Method and System for Production of Liquid Natural Gas (OSMR(R) process);
  • Boil-off Gas Treatment Process and System (BOG treatment process).

The company’s Managing Director and CEO, Maurice Brand, said “We are very pleased that the Company’s primary inventions are protected in Canada to support the Company’s expansion into the Bear Head LNG Project in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Canada.” Patent protection in Canada, and in other important jurisdictions, allows LNGL to move forward with other international opportunities as well as progressing projects like:

  • Magnolia LNG Project in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA (export of 8 mtpa);
  • Bear Head LNG Project in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Canada (export of 4 mtpa with potential for future expansion); and
  • Gladstone Fisherman’s Landing LNG Project in Queensland, Australia (export of 3 mtpa).

The OSMR(R) process is based on a proven simple single mixed refrigerant system with the addition of conventional combined heat and power and ammonia refrigeration technology to significantly enhance the plant performance (LNG output and overall process efficiency).

This results in a plant cost of around half that of competing technologies (based on $/tpa) and an overall plant efficiency which is around 30% better than others (i.e. 30% less carbon emissions). This, together with the company’s plant modularisation and construction strategy, substantially improves project economics.


Press Release, August 13, 2014; Image: LNG Ltd

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