Marin Teknikk re-constructs vessel for IES Pioneer

Norway’s Marin Teknikk AS has informed it is performing a large re-construction of the MT6015 for Malaysian-based IES Pioneer Ltd.

The re-construction will include lengthening the vessel with 9 meters, plus adding a moon-pool and life boats.

According to Marin Teknikk, the vessel is supposed to be ready for duty by December 20, 2015.

In 2014, Marin Teknikk signed a new shipbuilding contract with Kleven for the design of an MPSV vessel for IES Pioneer. The contract for the new vessel is of the MT 6015 MPSV design, and will be outfitted with a crane, helideck and FiFi II.

The vessel has a length of 93,8 meters, a beam of 20,0 meters, a working deck of more than 1,000 sq. meters, and will feature a 150 MT active heave compensated offshore crane, accommodation for 60 persons, CAP 437 compliant helideck, fire-fighting capabilities as well as provisions for ROV operations.