MP Caulfield Calls for Cuckmere Dredging

Polegate MP Maria Caulfield is calling on the Environment Agency to dredge the River Cuckmere – or appoint someone who will do it.

Caulfield said in her latest announcement that she met with representatives of the body recently to urge them to dredge the river, but they refused.

According to her statement, the Pevensey & Cuckmere Water Level Management Board have decided to utilize its Reserves to fund an urgent ‘one-off’ de-shingle of the river mouth at Cuckmere Haven.

“The water board is also working closely with the Friends of the Cuckmere to ensure that there is long term plan to manage water levels in the valley this winter, to protect Alfriston, local businesses and livestock and ensure that the permanently tide-locked Cuckmere River can once again drain the valley by gravity into the sea,” said Caulfield.

“This is a priority for me to support both the Friends of the Cuckmere and the Pevensey Water Board in dredging the river this winter and then secure a long term plan for the area.”

In the long term, this may work out better for the area than being dependant on a reluctant Environment Agency, concluded MP Maria Caulfield.