MSC Crociere Opts for GE

GE has been selected to lead the Italian consortium that will power cruise company MSC Crociere’s planned ‘Seaside’ platform.

The two new cruise ships ordered at Fincatieri in 2014 will join the existing fleet of 12 vessels, all of which use electrical propulsion from GE.

GE will provide on-board technology that includes propulsion control along with transformers, VFDs core components, slow speed propulsion motors and distribution transformers.

GE Marine’s technological solution has eliminated the need for harmonic filters and reactive power compensation benefiting safety.

According to GE, it requires a less complicated installation and cabling process while the reduced weight on board ships brings fuel savings and altogether lowers MSC’s operating costs.

“In an increasingly competitive market it is crucial to keep advancing with safer and more efficient solutions,” said Massimo Costa, VP Head of Purchasing Cruise BU, Fincantieri.

“We are extremely pleased that Fincantieri and MSC Crociere have once again chosen GE for the propulsion of their ships, and we feel confident that with GE Power Conversion heading up the project we will see a successful outcome,” said Paul English, Marine Leader, GE Power Conversion.