Valaris 115 rig

Mubadala boosts output capacity at Manora field

Mubadala Petroleum has increased the production capacity on the Manora oil field in the Gulf of Thailand following the completion of the 2020 development drilling and workover program.

Valaris 115 rig; Source: Valaris

The Manora field is located in the G1/48 concession in the Gulf of Thailand, operated by Mubadala with Tap Oil as a partner.

The drilling campaign started in May 2020 using the Valaris 115 jack-up drilling rig.

It comprised of four new development wells and the workover of two existing wells.

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Tap Oil informed on Tuesday that Mubadala Petroleum had successfully completed the 54-day program with no lost time incidents, 8.5 per cent under budget and 2.5 days ahead of schedule.

The total cost of the program is estimated at approximately $15.08 million.

Chris Newton, Tap Executive Chairman commented: “Consistent with strategy, the objective of the development drilling program was to convert booked proved and probable reserves into production and cashflow.

“With a significant portion of Manora operating costs being fixed, the increased production decreases per barrel operating costs and further optimises production and ultimate oil recovery. Results of the four new wells have met or exceeded pre-drill expectations and the joint venture partners can now benefit from increased production, falling unit operating costs and a recovering oil price environment”.

Newton added: “As a result of the program, total field production capacity has nearly doubled to approximately 9,500 bopd gross”.

MNA-25 development well

The MNA-25 is a deviated development well designed to produce oil from a crestal location in the 600 series reservoirs of the Manora CFB.

It is located between 40m and 100m west of the MNA-1 well and approximately 150m northeast of MNA-5, producing from 610, 620 and 650 reservoirs.

The estimated drill and completed cost was $3.58 million.

The well came on stream around 11 July 2020 and after clean-up is currently producing at 1,078 bopd with 0.2% BS&W.

MNA-26H development well

The MNA-26H horizontal development well, located in the Manora EFB will produce oil in the 370-10 reservoir.

The sand lobe drilled is interpreted to be separate from the productive sand in the MNA-24H well.

The well came on stream at approximately 1,146 bopd with 0.2% BS&W.

The completed cost is approximately $3.10 million.

MNA-27 development well

The MNA-27, drilled in the EFB, was effectively a twin of the MNA-22 well drilled in 2019 which had approximately 50m net oil pay in the 490 and 500 series sands, although was unable to be put into production due to poor cement bonding behind the production casing.

The estimated drill and completed cost was $3.45 million.

The well came on stream at approximately 822 bopd with 0.2% BS&W.

MNA-28 development well

This MNA-28 well is designed as an additional drainage point in the thick oil bearing 490 series sand in the highly productive Eastern Fault Block of the Manora Oil Field.

Reservoir simulation of the main 490-60 reservoir indicates the well will produce otherwise undrained oil between the MNA18 and MNA- 20 wells.

The estimated drill and completed cost was $2.92 million.

The well came on stream at approximately 1,038 bopd with 2.8% BS&W.

Workover wells

The workover of MNA-15 was undertaken to replace the ESP which failed in February 2019.

The work was conducted essentially on budget and the well is producing at approximately 500 bopd gross.

The workover was conducted to convert the MNA-07 well in the EFB to a water disposal well. MNA-7 had been shut-in in November 2019 while producing uneconomically at a very high water cut.

The well was re-completed in shallow reservoirs and was delivered on budget with injectivity testing indicating sustained injection of approximately 8,000 bwpd at 1100 psi injection pressure is possible.

This additional water disposal capacity will help optimise Manora production and ultimate oil recovery and is particularly critical in light of the success of the new development wells.

Manora production

The joint venture plans to lift a 260,000 barrel (gross) cargo during July 2020 and then 300,000 barrels gross every month from September 2020 to December 2020.

While Manora now has the capacity to produce over 9,500 bopd, production is currently curtailed to circa 7,000 bopd gross until a scheduled early September 2020 lifting that will eliminate crude oil storage constraints.

After the September lifting, production will be increased to full field capacity.