Photo: Manora platform; Image: Mubadala

Mubadala hits pay in Thai appraisal well

UAE-based Mubadala Petroleum has encountered multiple oil bearing zones in the Manora-8ST1 appraisal well at the Manora oil field in the Northern Gulf of Thailand.

The Manora oil field is located in the Northern Gulf of Thailand in the G1/48 concession where Mubadala is the operator and Tap Oil is its partner with a 30% interest.

The primary objective of the Manora8ST1 appraisal well was to appraise multiple reservoir zones up-dip from MNA-18 in the eastern fault block, including delineation of the 490-60 sands found in MNA-18. In addition, the well was to explore for additional hydrocarbons at the 300, 400 and 500 levels.

The well was drilled using the Ensco 115 jack-up drilling rig, following the completion of the Manora-8 exploration well.

Tap Oil informed on Monday that on May 30, 2018, at 03:45 hours WST, the Manora-8ST1 well reached final total depth of 2,458 meters MDRT. Petrophysical interpretation of well logs shows a total net pay of 307 feet. The main objective 490-60 sand is well developed with 86 feet pay, similar to the MNA-18 well. Other 400 sands encountered 7 feet pay. Five sands at the 300 level encountered 106 feet pay. Three sands at the 500 level encountered 108 feet pay.

According to Tap, good porosity, pressure and permeability were encountered in the new 300 and 500 sands similar to that found in other Manora oil field wells at those levels. The 300 and 500 sands are considered to be new contingent resources in the Manora oil field.

A cement plug has been set to abandon the open hole section. Following completion of the Manora-8 ST 1, the rig will move to the platform to start the two well development drilling program comprising MNA-20 and MNA-21.

The positive results from the 500 series sands in Manora-8ST1 are expected to be developed by the MNA-20 infill well as per the pre-drill pan.

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