Namaka Subsea gets to work with Petronas

Namaka Subsea gets to work with Petronas

Malaysian energy company Petronas has awarded consulting company Namaka Subsea with a contract for the provision of diving contractor and competency assurance services.


“We are thrilled to have been selected by Petronas for this contract,” said Namaka Subsea’s Managing Director, Lee Duncan. “This is a testament to our expertise in diving and competency assurance. We are excited to work with Petronas to enhance their subsea operations, and ensure the highest safety standards.”

In a statement issued on 2 March, Namaka Subsea said that the contract award is a significant achievement for the company and is expected to open up new opportunities in the global energy industry.

The contract is set to begin immediately and will see the close cooperation of the two companies for the delivery of services.

“We are confident that Namaka Subsea has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality diving and competency assurance services for our operations, we look forward to working closely with Namaka Subsea to achieve our goals, and contribute to the sustainable growth and future of the energy industry,” a spokesperson from Petronas said.

In terms of its most recent activities, Petronas signed two agreements with oil major ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia (ExxonMobil) earlier this year to jointly pursue carbon capture and storage (CCS) activation projects in Malaysia.

The next step includes defining the maturation of technical scopes for the CCS value chain, evaluation of the identified fields for CO2 storage utilization, development of the appropriate commercial framework, and establishment of advocacy plan support on regulations and policy development in enabling CCS projects.