Nature Group grabs ‘West Alpha’ contract

Nature Group PLC, the provider of port reception facilities and waste treatment solutions for the oil, marine and process industries, has announced that its subsidiary, Nature Oil & Gas AS, has been awarded a two year contract by North Atlantic Drilling Ltd.

Nature Group grabs 'West Alpha' contract

The contract concerns the deployment of a Compact Treatment Unit, designed for on-site offshore wastewater treatment, and a Sludge Treatment Unit, designed for heavy sludge treatment, on the West Alpha semi-submersible drilling rig, commencing 1 July 2014.

Together this allows Nature to deliver a system that has next to zero downtime, with target water to be discharged as low as <5ppm oil in water. Under this contract, Nature Oil & Gas AS will supply fully certified and trained operators, as well as environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are required.

The mobility, ease of installation and simplicity of use make Nature’s waste management solutions ideally suited for rapid deployment as contingency measures if legacy treatment systems fail to perform. Natures technologies have been in use on exploration rigs offshore since 2008, in both arctic and tropical waters and its systems are operated by many major oil companies, and have proved very reliable with a downtime of less than 1 %.

In February 2014, the Company announced the award of a three year contract with SeaDrill Brazil for the deployment of its CTUs and STUs. This was to support the processing of liquid waste generated on Seadrill’s drilling rigs offshore Brazil and to enable zero hydrocarbon discharge criteria to be met. Whilst it was originally anticipated that this contract would start at the beginning of Q2 2014, it is now expected to be delayed until the end of Q2 2014 owing to delays in obtaining working visas for Nature’s operations staff.

Andreas Drenthen, the CEO of Nature Group, commented:

“We are delighted to have entered into a two year agreement with North Atlantic Drilling Ltd and believe that the contract further reinforces the acceptance and growth of our proprietary offshore treatment facilities serving the oil and gas industry.”

Stig Feyling, the CEO of Nature Oil and Gas AS, commented:

“To gain experience in the Arctic will give us a unique opportunity, and I am excited to see that our technologies and equipment gained the trust of our customers.”


Press Release, June 26, 2014; Image: North Atlantic Drilling


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