New energy bill to expedite non-FTA LNG exports

United States Senators Lisa Murkowski and Maria Cantwell introduced their broad, bipartisan energy bill focused on a wide range of national energy opportunities and challenges.

The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, includes a section requiring the Secretary of Energy to issue a final decision, approving or disapproving, any application to export natural gas to countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States no later than 45 days after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or Maritime Administration has concluded the review required by NEPA.

The bill grants, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit or the circuit in which the liquefied natural gas export facility will be located, original and exclusive jurisdiction over any civil action for the review of an order issued by the Secretary with respect to such an application or the Secretary’s failure to issue a final decision on such an application. Provides for expedited consideration of civil actions brought under the section, and, in the case of covered applications, provides for the transfer of petitions for review upon the motion of an applicant.

Markup sessions on the bill will be held on July 28 and July 30.


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