New Massachusetts’ Bill Could Boost Offshore Wind

A representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Patricia A. Haddad, introduced a bill that would promote renewable energy generation off its coast.

The legislation requires utilities to conduct periodic joint solicitations for proposals from offshore wind energy developers no later than 30 June 2016. The first solicitation would be for 1.5 million MWh per annum, followed by 1 million MWh that must occur within 24 months of the previous solicitation.

According to the bill, the utilities would need to enter into long term agreement for an aggregate 8.5 million MWh annually by 2030.

The bill was introduced 12 bays before tomorrow’s commercial lease sale for four areas offshore Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island.

“I think the bill is going to potentially encourage greater participation in the auction,” said Bill White, senior director for offshore wind energy at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

So far, twelve companies are legally, technically and financially qualified to participate in the upcoming Massachusetts lease sale.

 Image: reppathaddad