Photo: Image source: Magnolia Dredge & Dock LLC

NFWF: $48M for Restoration and Conservation of Alabama’s Natural Resources

Image source: Magnolia Dredge & Dock LLC

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced earlier this week that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has approved more than $48 million for eight new projects, which focus on the restoration and conservation of Alabama’s natural resources.

“Alabama’s Gulf Coast is of great ecological importance to our state, and it is imperative we protect and restore those natural resources harmed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill,Governor Ivey said.

“We are improving our water quality in the Bon Secour River and Mobile Bay, bolstering our fish populations with the expansion of artificial reefs, and ensuring resiliency along our coastline.”

Alabama 2018 Projects Include:

  • Alabama Artificial Reef and Habitat Enhancement Plan – Phase II – $22.5 million

This project will build on phase I of the plan to construct and enhance artificial reef habitat in Alabama’s coastal waters.

  • Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Acquisition – Three Rivers Parcel – $4.4 million

This project will acquire and restore 236 acres of estuarine and forested shrub wetlands on Fort Morgan Peninsula.

  • Bon Secour River Headwater Restoration – Phase I – $1.5 million

This project will complete engineering and design plans for creating wetlands to treat urban runoff impacting downstream fisheries. The constructed wetlands will address nutrient, sediment and debris flow to improve habitat quality in the lower Bon Secour River and Bon Secour Bay, which historically has included south Alabama’s most significant and productive shellfish habitats and nursery areas for juvenile finfish.

  • Dauphin Island Causeway Shoreline Restoration: Engineering & Design –$250,000

This project will fund the engineering and design of breakwaters to enhance, protect, and improve resiliency of marsh and oyster habitat adjacent to the Dauphin Island Causeway. Erosive forces, like tidal action, wave energy, and storms, provide a constant threat to the coastal habitats in this area.

  • Deer River Coastal Marsh Stabilization and Restoration – Phase I – $750,000

This project will complete engineering & design plans to stabilize and restore the shoreline and intertidal salt marsh at the mouth of Deer River, adjacent to the Theodore Industrial Canal and Mobile Bay.

  • Lightning Point Restoration Project – Phase II – $16.5 million

This project is the construction phase of a GEBF-funded engineering and design project to construct approximately 28 acres of coastal marsh and 1.5 miles of breakwaters at the mouth of the Bayou La Batre Restoration activities will also help protect the newly acquired 127 acres of coastal habitat in the Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust program and City of Bayou La Batre.

  • Multifacted Fisheries and Ecosystem Monitoring in Alabama’s Marine Water and the Gulf of Mexico – $2.4 million

This project will expand the temporal and spatial coverage for monitoring the long-term sustainability and recovery of marine resources into its fifth and final year.

  • Restoration of the North Side of Dauphin Island – Phase I – $329,000

This project will restore beach and marsh habitat on the north side of Dauphin Island to enhance the barrier island’s resilience to future storms and improve habitat for shorebirds.