Photo: Illustration; Source: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

Nigerian Navy Rescues Three Kidnapped Sailors, Arrests One Pirate

Following the kidnapping of three persons from a hopper dredger by pirates in the Gulf Guinea earlier this month, the Nigerian Navy has rescued the sailors in the Niger Delta, arresting one of the abductors.

On January 8, special forces of the navy confronted the pirates in a marathon gun battle, the Nigerian Navy said in a statement.

After the three-hour operation, the navy arrested one of the kidnappers and freed the three seafarers of which two are Russians and one Indian. The sailors, who allegedly sustained no injuries, were evacuated to the local naval base.

Other pirates reportedly escaped with bullet wounds and were being pursued by local youths.

On January 2, the 2,153 GT Ambika was attacked when operating in Agge coastal area, Bayelsa. After a heavy exchange of fire, four Nigerian Navy ratings were killed and two injured. The pirates later escaped with the kidnapped sailors, leaving behind five dredger crew.