Nigerian Navy Thwarts Pirate Attack in Lagos

Nigerian navy thwarted a pirate attack in Lagos over the weekend targeting a product tanker loaded with petroleum bound for Nigeria.

A group of ten men in two speed boats followed the tanker and managed to board the ship identified as MT Imas.

The crew managed to send request for assistance before being overpowered by the pirate gang.

A patrol vessel of the Nigerian navy’s Western Naval Command (WNC) was in the vicinity and was able to locate the vessel in time. The navy managed to capture the suspects and arrest them after exchanging fire.

“Their intention was to board the vessel and either kidnap the foreigners on board or steal the products, or take the ship as hostage and sell the product somewhere. But the alarm was raised through the distress channel which we all have, and foiled their attempt,” WNC Flag Officer Commanding, Rear Admiral Jonathan Ango told Nigerian daily Thisday.

According to Ango, the navy had bolstered patrols in the area amid recent elections.

The Nigerian government closed its land and sea borders from midnight on 25 March until the end of the polling date as a way of strengthening security in the country amid elections.

The attack comes just a couple of days after two robbers boarded an anchored product tanker at Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria.

The onboard Nigerian Naval personal spotted the robbers and fired warning shots resulting in the robbers jumping overboard to escape, ICC’s piracy reporting center informed.

A Nigerian patrol boat captured one of the robbers. All crew members were reported to be safe.

World Maritime News Staff

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