NKT sets date for Shetland link boulder relocation

NKT is set to undertake boulder relocation along the Shetland HVDC link cable route between Noss Head, North of Wick, and the landfall in Weisdale Voe in Scotland.

The vessel Seawell will use a grab to relocate the boulders. Boulders will be picked and relocated within the consented installation corridor so that sufficient clear seabed is created for the safe installation of the cables.

Activities are planned to start on 15 November, with completion expected by 31 December.

The dates are subject to weather and operational uncertainties that could extend the overall duration to 15 January 2022, with the potential for further extension to the work duration.

To remind, NKT landed the €235 million contract from SSEN Transmission last summer to deliver and install an interconnector to the Shetland HVDC link project.

The Shetland link will be the first transmission connection between the Scottish mainland and the island of Shetland.

NKT commenced the installation of the ten-kilometer onshore cable for the 600 MW connection in July.

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