No deal in San Leon takeover talks

All talks have ended regarding a potential takeover offer for San Leon Energy, an independent oil and gas exploration company with headquarters in Ireland, by an unnamed party. 

In August 2015, San Leon was approached by a possible offeror. However, San Leon noted that the approach may or may not lead to an actual offer being made for the company.

In a statement on Thursday, the oil and gas company informed that the potential offeror has not made an offer for San Leon and that it has terminated all discussions with the Board of San Leon in relation to the possible offer.

San Leon did not reveal the name of the offeror, nor the details of the possible offer that fell through.

“The disclosure table on the Irish Takeover Panel’s website will be amended by removing San Leon from the table, if and when the Irish Takeover Panel confirms that the offer period has been terminated,” the company reported.

San Leon has a portfolio of conventional and shale assets across Europe and North Africa, with offshore assets in Albania, Ireland and Morocco.

Offshore Energy Today Staff