No leakage of oil to sea from Equinor’s terminal in Bahamas

Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor has reported that there is currently no observed leakage of oil to the sea from its South Riding Point terminal in the Bahamas. 

South Riding Point terminal Bahamas; Source: Equinor

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Equinor said earlier this week it would clean up the oil spills from its South Riding Point oil terminal, spilled due to damage caused by the hurricane.

In an update on Wednesday, Equinor said that the situation for the people on the Bahamas continues to be very challenging. Equinor has an ongoing operation to respond to and clean up the oil spill in the Bahamas.

Equinor has a team working at South Riding Point terminal Bahamas including an onshore response team with oil spill technical specialist. In total, more than 200 personnel are working with the response in Bahamas, the US, and in Norway. Their objective is to address the situation at the South Riding Point terminal and to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and their families.

In order to support the broader relief efforts on the Bahamas, Equinor has decided to donate 1 million US dollars to one or more relief organizations involved in the response for the Bahamas. The organizations will be identified in collaboration with Equinor’s local management in the Bahamas.

Two vessels are mobilized for the response at the South Riding Point terminal with 42 personnel and onshore oil spill recovery equipment. The first vessel arrived at the terminal in the evening of September 10.

The second vessel is scheduled to arrive on location on September 12. The vessels include, containment booms and hundreds of bails of various absorbent pads/rolls, oil spill recovery skimmers, wash pumps, roll-off boxes for collection generated waste, light towers, and smaller boats and protection equipment.


Reducing risk of additional spills


Operations are ongoing at the terminal to secure the oil at the facility. Oil from the damaged tanks has been moved to remaining tanks at the facility to reduce the risk of additional oil spills. An oil boom has been deployed to close the harbor at the terminal as a precautionary measure, and to reduce the risk of oil spill to sea.

Two trucks have started recovery and transport of bulk free-standing oil on the ground to one of the tanks at the terminal.

Equinor has completed the initial surveillance of the terminal and surrounding areas from the air and the ground. There is currently no observed leakage of oil to the sea from the South Riding Point terminal, according to Equinor.

Aerial surveillance has identified potential product in open waters 70-80 kilometers northeast of the terminal within Long Point Bight close to Little Abaco Island. There are also indications that the product may have impacted a section of the coastline.

Although the source of this product is not known, Equinor will investigate and further evaluate necessary actions, including mobilization of suitable equipment and resources.

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