Noreco: Eik Prospect Disappoints (Norway)

Eik Prospect, Offshore Norway, Disappoints

Norwegian Energy Company ASA (Noreco) is currently drilling exploration well 7228/1-1 on the Eik prospect in the Barents Sea.

The preliminary drilling results indicate that the well does not contain commercial quantities of hydrocarbons. The well is located in licence PL396 in the Barents Sea, about 200 kilometres north east of North Cape, and is drilled by the drilling rig Transocean Barents.

The partners in licence PL396 are Noreco (operator, 50 percent), Front Exploration AS (30 percent) and Petoro AS (20 percent).

The prospect is one of the two easternmost licenses in the Barents-sea, not far from the recently clarified delimitation line between Norway and Russia. Even farther east is the Elbrus-prospect in PL 536, where Front Exploration holds a 20 percent share in the license

Offshore Energy Today Staff, April 18, 2012.