Noreco’s Production Woes Continue

Noreco's Production Woes Continue

Norwegian Energy Company (Noreco) continues to record unstable production levels at its Huntington and Oselvar fields, which were both shut-in during parts of August.

At the Huntington field the issues are mainly related to the British pipeline system Central Area Transmission System (CATS), which is operated by BP and which is used for export of Huntington gas. Huntington will continue to produce at reduced capacity until the issues are solved. The CATS operator expects that the capacity restrictions will be lifted shortly.

Production from the Oselvar field remains unstable as a consequence of technical issues related to the commissioning of the new gas turbine, which was installed at the BP operated Ula platform in August. These issues are expected solved shortly.

Meanwhile, production from the Danish sector Lulita field restarted on 9 September. The field has been closed since April. There is still no firm date for when the Siri platform will be able to receive oil and gas from the Nini, Nini East and Cecilie fields.  As per 19 September, average daily production for Noreco was as follows:

Huntington – 3 922 (1 306)

Nini East – 0 (0)

Cecilie – 0 (0)

Nini – 0 (0)

Oselvar – 444 (253)

Lulita – 121 (0)

Enoch – 0 (0)

Total – 4 487 (1 559)

All production volumes above are in barrels of oil equivalents per day. Numbers in brackets are average output in August.

Press Release, September 23, 2013