Norshore Atlantic to Wrap Up Malikai This Month

Norshore Atlantic, Norshore’s first versatile drilling vessel, has been operating for Sabah Shell Petroleum Company on the Malikai field in Malaysia since September 8, 2014.

The scope of work for this contract is drilling of top-holes. The first part of the work at Malikai has been to install conductors, i.e. the top section of the wells. All 24 conductors had been installed by end December.

In addition, 5 of the intermediate sections were completed by end December.

Accordint to Norshore, Shell plans to complete a total of 7 intermediate sections under this contract. The intermediate sections are 17-1/2” hole diameter, drilling depth typically 3500-3700 feet and hole deviation from vertical as much as 45-50 degrees.

Norshore expects that the scope of work under the Malikai contract will be completed during the first half of January 2015.

The economic uptime of the vessel for the month of December was 94%. Norshore is still in discussions with several oil companies as well as participating in ongoing tenders for work commencing after Atlantic has completed the contract for Shell.

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