Novarium, Port of Québec partner up to boost innovation, sustainable development

Novarium, an innovation campus dedicated to the blue economy, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Port of Québec, one of the five largest ports in Canada.

As informed, the collaboration aims to create a dynamic ecosystem promoting innovation, research and sustainable development in the maritime sector while exploiting “the unique advantages” offered by the location of the Port of Québec.

The Port of Québec said it is committed to providing businesses with some of the most important infrastructures specializing in liquid and solid bulk in Canada. In addition, being the largest cruise port on the St. Lawrence, it offers access to a historic city recognized by UNESCO.

The hub of a vital river corridor, the Port of Québec is also a strategic port transshipment center promoting intermodality. This expanded connectivity will create new opportunities for startups who wish to benefit from the economic ambitions linked to the blue economy and will strengthen the position of the port in the maritime sector.

The partnership is said to fit perfectly with Québec’s ambition to play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable and responsible economy. It will allow businesses to address the complex challenges facing the Port of Québec and contribute to its growth while opening its spaces as a testing ground for startups wishing to innovate in the blue economy.

“This collaboration with Novarium is another step in our rapprochement with Québec’s innovation ecosystem, following collaborations with other Québec organizations. We are delighted to work with key players in Québec to stimulate innovation, attract world-class talent and companies, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the blue economy in the Québec region,” Mario Girard, CEO of the Port of Québec, commented.

“The Port of Québec represents a unique opportunity for blue economy businesses to develop and prosper. This collaboration will strengthen the culture of innovation by providing resources dedicated to innovation, as well as a dynamic city-port interface, adapted to a demanding winter environment.

The Port of Québec is a natural ally for the prototyping of solutions in the blue economy with which we have already contributed in open innovation and we are happy to continue this long-term collaboration,” Martin Beaulieu, CEO, La Zone Bleue, said.

“Collaborating with the Port of Quebec is an excellent opportunity to develop a Quebec showcase of new technologies in the blue economy, which will be a sector of the future in the global economy,” Amélie Desrochers, Executive Director, Novarium, noted.

Earlier this year, the Québec government announced it would invest $8.7 million into the development of the St. Lawrence Smart Corridor. Four members of Green Marine, an environmental certification program, have had their intelligent marine transportation projects partially funded by the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable, as part of Avantage Saint-Laurent, Quebec’s maritime vision.

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The Port of Québec has launched several projects in an effort to make its operations greener. These efforts are part of the port’s 2035 vision which includes respect for the environment, the protection of biodiversity and establishing sustainable supply chains for a more resilient economy. Last year, the port decided to use a greenhouse gas (GHG) rating tool to assess the emissions of ships entering its waters and offer discounts on port fees to vessels, dependent on their GHG rating and emission efficiency.

What is more, in December 2022, the port announced a feasibility study on providing shore power supply for cruise ships.

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