NYK and partners obtain ClassNK’s approval for ammonia-fueled ammonia gas carrier

Japanese companies Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line), Japan Engine Corporation, IHI Power Systems Co. Ltd. and Nihon Shipyard have obtained approval in principle (AiP) from classification society ClassNK for their ammonia-fueled ammonia gas carrier (AFAGC).

Ammonia-fueled ammonia gas carrier. Courtesy of NYK Line
Courtesy of NYK Line

The carrier is currently under research and development by the four companies involved in a demonstration project for the commercialisation of vessels equipped with a domestically produced ammonia-fueled engine.

The project was approved by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as a part of the Green Innovation Fund.

With the goal of early social implementation of next-generation fuel vessels, the consortium is developing a two-stroke ammonia-fueled engine for the vessel propulsion, a four-stroke ammonia-fueled engine for onboard power supply and a safe and environmentally friendly hull.

The companies are working together to study the feasibility of the construction and commercial operation of the prototype vessel in an integrated manner.

ClassNK carried out a design review of the AFAGC developed through this project, verifying that it complies with the prescribed requirements. The delivery of the AiP to the companies involved took place at the Gastech exhibition in Milan.

The ship is scheduled for delivery in 2026.

The parties aim to reduce GHG emissions by achieving a maximum ammonia fuel mixed combustion rate of 95% for the main engine that moves the ship, and an ammonia fuel mixed combustion rate of 80% or more for the auxiliary engine that runs the generator.

NYK is in charge of project management, ship design and legal compliance and Japan Engine Corporation of research and design of the two-stroke engine.

IHI Power Systems is conducting research and designing a four-stroke engine as an auxiliary engine. Nihon Shipyard will develop hull and examine ship construction method.

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