NYK, Astomos welcome new LPG dual-fuel LPG/ammonia carrier

Japanese shipping major NYK and compatriot liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trader and importer Astomos Energy Corporation have held a delivery and naming ceremony for a new LPG dual-fuel LPG/ammonia carrier.


As disclosed, the event took place at the Sakaide Works of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) on June 12, 2024. The LPG/ammonia carrier was named Gas Amethyst.

Following Gas Garnet, which was delivered in March this year, Gas Amethyst is the second jointly-owned LPG dual-fuel vessel to be delivered this year and the fourth LPG dual-fuel vessel for Astomos Energy.

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The gas carrier has a length of 229 meters, a breadth of 37 meters, a depth of 22 meters, and a tank capacity of 86,953 cubic meters.

This vessel is equipped with a dual-fuel engine that can use heavy oil and LPG as fuel.

Furthermore, the LPG/ammonia carrier employs a shaft generator that produces electricity by rotating the shaft connecting the main engine to the propeller, enabling the vessel to stop operating the diesel generator during standard navigation and realize full LPG-fueled navigation.

Compared to conventional heavy oil-fueled vessels, SOx (sulfur oxides) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the exhaust gas are reduced by more than 95% and 20%, respectively, when the ship is fueled by LPG, according to NYK.

In addition to LPG, the vessel will be able to transport ammonia if future demand increases. Ammonia is attracting attention as a means of realizing a decarbonized shipping sector.

As part of its decarbonization strategy, NYK recently teamed up with its group company MTI Co. and Smert Design to trial the use of a 3D model in the initial design phase of a liquefied petroleum gas tanker.

This trial aims to model 3D design information of existing similar and sister vessels and ease the decision-making by both shipyards and shipping companies for the exchange of requests, ideas, and comments on the same system for the design applicable to this ship.

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In January this year, NYK, together with local companies Japan Engine Corporation (JMU), IHI Power Systems, and Nihon Shipyard, signed an agreement to build the world’s first ammonia-fueled medium gas carrier equipped with Japan-made engines.

To be built at the Japan Marine United Corporation’s Ariake Shipyard, the 40,000 cbm type ammonia fuel ammonia carrier is scheduled for delivery in November 2026.

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