NYK conducts LNG vessel crisis-response drill

NYK conducts LNG vessel crisis-response drill

NYK conducted a crisis-response drill based on the scenario of a serious accident occurring on an LNG vessel managed by NYK.

This drill is part of the company’s “Remember Naka-no-Se Campaign”, which has been conducted every year to remind NYK Group members of the importance of safe operations and to ensure that lessons remain learnt from the oil spill that occurred in July 1997 from VLCC Diamond Grace.

In a mock scenario a blackout occurred on an LNG vessel while the vessel was sailing. The ship collided with another ship, resulting in its stranding. The LNG vessel could not refloat because seawater was flowing into the ballast tank.

  • NYK established a crisis-management headquarters in response to an urgent report from the LNG vessel;
  • NYK reported information about the accident to the Japan Coast Guard;
  • NYK handled the accident at its crisis management headquarters by seeking direction from the Japan Coast Guard and related parties in order to recover power and refloat the LNG vessel as soon as possible;
  • NYK sent out press releases as the situation progressed, responded to media inquiries, and held a mock press conference at which NYK executive vice president Tadaaki Naito, NYK corporate officer Tsutomu Shoji, and NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd. president Hiroshi Yonezawa explained the accident to the press.


Press Release, September 5, 2014; Image: NYK