Photo: Maarten Bouwhuis (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)

OEEC 2021 first day talk shows & energy transition talks recap with Maarten Bouwhuis

The OEEC Conference Programme Moderator Maarten Bouwhuis provides a quick recap on the insights shared by the major industry figures who spoke during the sessions of the first day of the event.

Maarten Bouwhuis (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)
Maarten Bouwhuis (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)

The theme of collaboration has been dominating the OEEC 2021 event, including the Talk Shows and Energy Talks portion of the programme, where the necessity for working together between all offshore energy industries has been strongly emphasized, according to Bouwhuis.

“Working together is just like world peace – that’s what everybody wants – but is so hard to achieve”, noted Bouwhuis.

Bouwhuis shared some information about concrete projects and undertakings which entail cross-market collaborations that were discussed during the first event day, along with other innovations and announcements that favour the net-zero future unveiled during the sessions.

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