OES teams up with IEC TC-114 on OTEC

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) has teamed up with the IEC TC-114 for the development of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) standards.

The collaboration will see OES partnering with IEC TC-114 working group PT 62600-20 tasked with the development of general guidance for design and analysis of an OTEC plant.

Purnima Jalihal, delegate from India on the OES Executive Committee will coordinate this collaboration on behalf of the OES.

OTEC techniques utilize the temperature differential between deep seawater and surface seawater which is currently being researched and commercially developed in several regions of the world.

PT 62600-20 is working on a unified international standard to provide the guidelines for suitable site selection, design bases and productivity estimations for OTEC plants based on objective standards.

The aim of the specification is to provide the guidance and establish a mechanism to objectively evaluate commercial designs for the OTEC plant and to assess the system’s design basis, expected performance, structural integrity and safety elements.

PT 62600-20 is led by Martin Brown, and consists of 10 other members.

IEC TC-114 is the committee that develops international technical specifications and standards for marine energy conversion systems, with the primary focus on conversion of wave, tidal and other water current energy into electrical energy.

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