OMV taps NorSea for supply base services in Norway

Supply bases and integrated logistics solutions provider NorSea will provide supply base services to OMV’s operations in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea.


The contract has a duration of five years, with the possibility of a four-year extension, NorSea said earlier this week.

Thomas A. Vang, CEO of NorSea Logistics, said: “This is an acknowledgement of the work we put in every day to develop safer, smarter and greener logistics services for the energy industry. We are very much looking forward to welcoming OMV to our bases and continuing the collaboration in the years to come”.

The contract has a value of NOK 300 million ($35.3 million) and is valid from 1 April.

The duration is five years, with options for an extension of two plus two years. It applies to the storage and handling of pipes, terminal services, and warehousing services.

Knut Mauseth, CEO of OMV, said: “In the next few years, we will carry out operations in the North Sea, in the Norwegian Sea and eventually in the Barents Sea. NorSea covers all the areas we operate in a very good way, with their bases in Dusavik, Kristiansund and Hammerfest”.

Vang added: “OMV is an exciting company with high activity on the Norwegian shelf. Such customers and partners are very attractive to us, and make us push ourselves to further develop our services every single day. Among other things, we have great expectations as to how we can collaborate in developing even more sustainable solutions than we have today”.