Ophir Energy set to drill exploration well offshore Indonesia

London-listed Ophir Energy has begun operations on the Paus Biru-1 exploration well in the Sampang PSC offshore Indonesia.

The Sampang PSC is operated by Ophir Energy’s subsidiary Santos Sampang Pty Ltd with a 45% interest. The partners are Singapore Petroleum Sampang Ltd with 40% and Cue Energy’s subsidiary Cue Sampang Pty Ltd with 15%.

Cue Energy, a partner in the project, said on Friday that the work on the Paus Biru-1 well began on Thursday, October 18, with the installation of a 30-inch conductor.

The conductor was installed to 105 meters, and drilling of the 26-inch hole is expected to begin in the next 24 hrs.

The well is being drilled by the COSL HYSY 937 jack-up drilling rig in 30 meters of water depth and is expected to take two weeks to reach the total depth of 650 meters total vertical depth subsea (TVDSS).

According to Cue, the primary objective of the Paus Biru-1 well is to test the Early Pliocene Mundu Globigerina limestone reservoirs in the Paus Biru structure which is defined by 3D seismic data as a four-way dip closure with direct hydrocarbon indications.

The Mundu Formation is a proven producing reservoir in Oyong and Wortel fields to the west and Maleo and Peluang fields to the east.

The secondary objective is the overlying siltstones within the Paciran Formation which has proven productivity in the equivalent section in the Oyong field.

The company added that the logging data acquisition program looked to provide the optimum data for POD study and development purpose.

The evaluation of the Mundu and Paciran reservoirs will be done via LWD tools while the sections are drilled. If warranted, further evaluation will be undertaken using wireline formation evaluation tools, including pressure testing and fluid sampling. In the event of significant hydrocarbons being discovered, up to two cased hole DSTs may be conducted.

Cue Energy also pointed out that the well would be plugged and abandoned in all outcomes. If successful, a horizontal production well will be drilled at a later stage.

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