Ørsted and Deutsche WindGuard join hands for offshore wind technician training

Deutsche WindGuard and Ørsted have kicked off their cooperation to together provide GWO training for offshore wind technicians.

The training starts this week at the safety training center in Norddeich, north Germany.

For Deutsche WindGuard this is the second training center in addition to the one in Elsfleth, Wesermarsch. 

According to the company, the site is ideal for fire fighting training, as well as for first aid, manual handling, and working at heights.

“In an industry like offshore wind energy, which has to plan flexibly and at short notice due to the short weather windows, short distances and efficient use of human resources are extremely important. With the second location in the north, we are even closer to our customers on the coast and can provide them with even better support during their training,” said Alexander Treichel, Head of Safety Training at Deutsche WindGuard. 

“Many certificates have expired in the past few months and could not be renewed. In the case of technicians with long-standing safety training courses, safety-related errors tend to creep in, which in case of doubt can have serious consequences.”