Osaka Gas, PTT form JV

Japan’s Osaka Gas informed it will establish OGP Energy Solutions, a company that will provide fuel conversion energy services to industrial customers in Thailand, through a joint investment with state-owned PTT.

This joint venture is a part of the company’s plans to expand its downstream business outside Japan, Osaka Gas said on Tuesday.

This has already resulted in gas sales business in Singapore through City-OG Gas Energy Services, energy service business in Thailand through OGT and cogeneration/on-site business in Thailand through NS-OG Energy Solutions, a company jointly invested with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering.

Prior to establishment of this joint venture, Osaka Gas energy service business in Thailand focused primarily on Japanese companies.

However, OGPS will be able to target both non-Japanese and Japanese companies in Thailand to expand energy service business, the company said.

Based on an MOU concluded with PTT on information exchange and joint study regarding liquefied natural gas as well as natural gas supply, Osaka Gas has for some years been stepping up cooperation with the PTT Group through operational and technical support for PTT’s LNG receiving terminal.

The establishment of OGPS will serve to explore the possibilities of further expansion of the joint energy business between PTT and OGT in Thailand and development of a broader range of business activities outside the country, it added.