OSIL marks global export milestone

UK-based manufacturer of marine monitoring systems Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) have achieved an export milestone for global sales.


Now exporting to over 100 countries, OSIL’s global customer base is ever expanding despite a challenging climate.

The latest export country was Georgia with an order for Niskin Bottles and a Marine Nutrient Standards Kit shipped to an oceanographic laboratory for water quality monitoring.

Other recent export sales include a 30-metre Giant Piston Corer system to Korean Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST).

Specifically, KIOST will use the system for its on-going sediment sampling program.

OSIL also supplied P-Series IAPSO Standard Seawater for precise salinity measurement and high-end instrument calibrations to Morocco.

Furthermore, it sold two 0.6-metre Inshore Monitoring Buoys for remote collection of tide data to a survey company in Singapore.

Finally, OSIL delivered Nutrient Standards to a laboratory supply company in Trinidad for aquaculture purposes.

OSIL specialises in instrumented MetOcean data buoys, single or multi- parameter monitoring platforms, water column sampling equipment and seabed sampling equipment.

OSIL is also the world leading authority in the field of salinity measurement.

It operates IAPSO Standard Seawater Service, supplying industry-standard Guildline salinometers, and producing a range of other calibration and nutrient standards.