Pacific NorthWest LNG Submits EIS

Pacific NorthWest LNG Submits EIS

Pacific NorthWest LNG formally submitted its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to both the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO).

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is the lead regulatory authority responsible for reviewing the EIS as the proposed project would be located on federal port land within the federally regulated Prince Rupert Port Authority. The BC EAO, under a Section 11 order, will review additional components unique to the BC Environmental Assessment Act.

The filing of our Environmental Impact Statement to both federal and provincial regulatory agencies is a significant milestone in the life of this project,” said Greg Kist, President of Pacific NorthWest LNG. “This marks a renewed round of consultation and feedback from all interested parties on our proposal and I encourage participation in this rigorous environmental review.”

Once accepted, the Environmental Impact Statement will be reviewed internally by regulatory agencies and First Nations prior to a public comment period commencing in Spring 2014. The public comment period will consist of open houses, working group meetings and opportunities for direct comment from the public on the Environmental Impact Statement.

Thanks to the participation from residents and stakeholders along the North Coast we have implemented numerous design changes to our proposed facility,” said Kist.

Design changes to the facility design and layout include:

  • Raised the height of the Lelu Island bridge for marine users
  • Raised the height of a section of the jetty trestle for marine users
  • Committed to a 30m tree and vegetation buffer around most of the island to provide a natural sound and light barrier
  • Covered LED lighting to minimize light emissions from the facility
  • Construction of a materials offloading facility on Lelu Island to minimize heavy truck traffic
  • Changed the location of the main flare stack to decrease the visual impact for residents of Port Edward
  • Removed a bunkering fuel facility and propane storage from the project design

We want to build the best facility possible, and that means hearing from residents on what their vision is for Pacific NorthWest LNG,” Kist continued. “Pacific NorthWest LNG intends to be a positive contributor to the local economy and a provider of long-term careers for decades to come. The submission of our Environmental Impact Statement is another step in achieving that goal.

Press Release, March 3, 2014


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