PanGeo Subsea and EODEX come together for UXO removal

PanGeo Subsea and EODEX come together for UXO removal

EODEX and PanGeo Subsea, a Kraken Robotics company, have set up a partnership to collaborate on unexploded ordinance (UXO) detection and disposal services.

PanGeo Subsea; Illustration

The two parties joined forces on several UXO survey projects over the past year and, as they state, this recent more-defined collaboration supports a seamless solution for UXO identification and removal for clients looking to de-risk nearshore and offshore installations.  

“PanGeo enjoy a global reputation for excellence in sub-seabed detection whilst EODEX, driven by our core philosophy for minimizing marine disturbance during UXO disposal, lead the commercial world in provision of environmentally considerate low order solutions,” said Andrew Woollven, managing director of EODEX.

“The bringing together of our respective disciplines is an enormously exciting prospect and will reward clients with a truly unmatched combined capability for enabling works.”

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To remind, Canada-based marine technology company Kraken Robotics completed the acquisition of PanGeo Subsea in the summer of 2021.

The company has continued operating in sub-seabed imaging and is complementing Kraken’s subsea imaging services.