Panoro: First oil from Dussafu expected in 2H 2018

Panoro Energy a partner in the Dussafu oilfields, offshore Gabon, has approved the operator’s proposed work program and budget to move forward “at full speed” with the development of the fields.

According to Panoro, the operator BW Energy Gabon plans to develop the project via two initial horizontal wells at Tortue in the Gamba and Dentale reservoirs.

An appraisal side-track will also be drilled in the northwest of the Tortue field. The two production wells will be tied back to a leased FPSO via subsea trees and flowlines.

The Dussafu joint venture partners are currently commissioning an independent review by Netherland Sewell and Associates to update the estimates and to move these contingent resources to reserves further to the recent FID, Panoro said.

John Hamilton CEO of Panoro, said “The FID is a very important milestone for Panoro and first oil at Dussafu remains on track to be achieved during the second half of 2018. It is a significant step in the execution of Panoro’s strategy to realize Dussafu’s true potential and to continue unlocking value for our shareholders.”

World’s first (and only) FDPSO for the job?


BW Energy Gabon, the operator, is a recently established subsidiary of BW Offshore, traditionally focused on ownership and leasing of offshore production units, which has recently also ventured into the oil and gas asset ownership business. It thus formed BW Energy Gabon, buying a 91 percent stake in the Dussafu licence.

BW Offshore owns the world’s first and so far only floating drilling production and offloading unit – the Azurite. The unit is set to be deployed to an offshore location again, after having been out of work for more than three years.

The Azurite FDPSO had been deployed at the Azurite field offshore Congo until early 2014, when the production there ceased, and the contract was terminated, with BW Offshore unable to find work for the unit ever since.

In a recent update, BW Offshore said the FDPSO might be deployed offshore Gabon. The company has envisioned dispatching the FDPSO to the Dussafu field.

The FDPSO has a storage capacity of 1.3 million barrels of oil and the capability to process 40,000 barrels of oil per day and can be used for drilling and completing the production and injection wells.

“The FPSO Azurite fits well with the approved field development plan specifications for the Dussafu field in Gabon. The FPSO has been well maintained and can be deployed on the Dussafu field with only minor investments required. The FPSO has been moved to the Keppel yard,” BW Offshore said earlier this year.

In its presentation in May, the company said it expected to have a contract awarded for the unit in 2017.

Offshore Energy Today Staff