PBJV Secures Shell Job Off Sarawak and Sabah

Barakah informed that its wholly-owned subsidiary company, PBJV, has received the Letter of Award (LOA) from Shell for price agreement for the supply of operational pigs and pigging accessories and related equipment and services.

The LOA is for a price agreement to be entered for the supply of operational pipeline inspection gauges (pig) and its related accessories, equipment and services.

Until the signing of the price agreement, the LOA shall constitute the agreement between Shell and PBJV.

The pigging operation will be carried out offshore Sarawak and Sabah mainly for the operational maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. The duration of the LOA is three years from April 15, 2015 until April 14, 2018, with an option to extend for further one year until April 14, 2019.

According to the company, the total value of the LOA will depend on the actual work orders to be issued by Shell from time to time during the duration of the LOA.

Image: PBJV

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