Perseus Telecom Selects Ciena’s Equipment for Trans-Atlantic Trading Network

Ciena® Corporation, the network specialist, announced that Perseus Telecom, a global provider of connectivity, has selected Ciena’s equipment, software and services to build an end-to-end, ultra low-latency network between the U.S. and Europe.

Combining metro networks in the global financial hubs of New York City, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt, as well as a trans-Atlantic submarine connection, the resulting ultra low-latency network enables Perseus to offer its customers one of the most direct and lowest latency services between the U.S. and Europe.

Perseus is a global provider of telecommunications services with a special focus on ultra low-latency networks for financial services customers, including its recent announcement with Reliance Globalcom of QuanTA, an ultra low-latency trans-Atlantic network. QuanTA leverages the FLAG Atlantic-1 North cable (FA-1), owned by Reliance Globalcom, which became operational in 2001 and connects Long Island in the U.S. with Lands End in the U.K. via six pairs of optical fiber.

Ciena’s 6500 packet-optical transport equipment will provide the trans-Atlantic submarine portion of the network with the capacity, reliability and ultra low-latency required to create an optimum platform for intercontinental high speed trading.

To connect the financial centers in New York City, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt to QuanTA, Perseus Telecom has deployed Ciena’s 4200 Advanced Services Platform and Carrier Ethernet switching solutions in each city that are tuned as ultra low-latency access points to QuanTA and the global trading markets.

To support its network build, Perseus has deployed Ciena’s 4200, 5150 Service Aggregation Switch and 6500 Packet Optical platform that together create an ultra low-latency end-to-end route from North America to Europe. Perseus will also leverage Ciena’s 100G WaveLogic 3 solution as customer demands continue to evolve.

“In working on our new QuanTA network, Ciena has been much more of a partner than just an equipment vendor as they worked with the Perseus research & design team in turning our vision and technical requirements into reality. Our ability to build and tune a network to exacting ultra low-latency requirements gives us a competitive advantage. Only Ciena could combine the advanced optical and Ethernet portfolio across both terrestrial and submarine applications with a specific end-to-end design around our ultra low-latency needs”, said Andrew Kusminsky, Chief Operating Officer, Perseus Telecom.

“Perseus Telecom’s QuanTA network is a good example of how our focus on continued innovation in coherent and related technologies results in optical and Ethernet systems that can change the way network operators compete. By upgrading the landing stations, Perseus Telecom has taken an existing cable system and created an entirely new, cost-efficient service to meet the growing demand for ultra low-latency trading solutions across the Atlantic without having to lay new subsea cable”, stated Ed McCormack, Vice President and General Manager, Submarine Systems at Ciena.

Subsea World News Staff , May 16, 2012;  Image: Ciena