Petrobras Oil Production Spurred by FPSO Start-Ups

Petrobras Oil Production Spurred by FPSO Start-Ups

Petrobras has announced that oil output (oil plus natural gas liquids – NGL) from all of its fields in Brazil averaged 1.979 million barrels per day (bpd) in September. This volume is 3.7% higher than the average output of the previous month (1.908 million bpd). Including the share operated by Petrobras for partner companies, total production in September was 2.044 million bpd, 3.7% higher than the output in August.

This positive result was due to the startup of new wells on platforms FPSO Cidade de Itajaí (Santos Basin), P-53 and P-54 (Campos Basin) and FPSO Piranema (Sergipe Basin). In line with the planned schedule, the maintenance stoppages in September of P-26 and P-35, both in Marlim, were concluded, as well as the activities related to the upcoming stoppage of P-51, in Marlim Sul, and of the natural gas processing plant UPGN2 in Urucu, in UO-AM.

The highlight of the month was the pre-salt output record of 326,800 bpd. On September 2, a new pre-salt output record of 337,300 bpd was established. These volumes represent the total output operated by Petrobras in these areas, including the share of its partners.

In September, Petrobras’ total output in Brazil, including oil and natural gas, averaged 2.368 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), 3.2% higher than August.

The connection of the first producing well of platform P-63, the first unit to be installed in Papa-Terra field, is being finished. Additionally, construction of platform P-55 was completed and, on October 22, the unit was moved to Roncador field, where mooring work is taking place.

Added to the company’s output abroad, the total volume of oil and natural gas averaged 2.577 million boed, 3% higher than the total output in August.

Natural Gas Production

In September, natural gas output from the company’s fields in Brazil was 61.8 million cubic meters per day. Total gas output, including the share operated by the company for its partners, was 69.2 million cubic meters per day, remaining roughly within the same levels as in August. Also in September, Petrobras achieved a new monthly record for the use of natural gas associated to oil in Brazilian fields: 94.36% against the previous record of 94.01%, registered in July.

International Production

In September, total oil and natural gas production abroad was 209,433 boed, a 1.8% increase from August, due to an adjustment in the oil output calculation at Akpo field, in Nigeria.

Of this total, natural gas output reached 15.71 million cubic meters per day, 0.8% lower than the previous month, due to the natural decline of Santa Cruz I field, in Argentina.

Oil output abroad was 116,964 barrels per day, 4% higher than August, due to the adjustment in the oil output calculation at Akpo field.

Information to the Brazilian National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)

In September 2013, the total output reported to Brazil’s National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) was 9,217,571.08 m³ of oil and 2,180,711.52 thousand m³ of natural gas. This output corresponds to the total output of the concessions where Petrobras is the operator. It does not include Shale, NGL volumes and the output of third parties where Petrobras is not the operator.

Press Release, October 28, 2013