Petronas forms ship-to-ship LNG transfer partnership in Malaysia

Petronas forms ship-to-ship LNG transfer partnership in Malaysia
Image courtesy of Petronas

Malaysian energy giant Petronas LNG signed a two-year Service Agreement with Argo Engineering and Eastport Marine to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship-to-ship transfer services in Labuan, Malaysia.

“This ship-to-ship transfer service agreement is Petronas’ first collaboration in providing flexible delivery solutions that goes beyond the conventional selling and delivering of LNG,” said Petronas LNG chairman Ahmad Adly Alias said.

He added that LNG ship-to-ship transfer services is an emerging trend to cater to the needs of small-scale LNG requirements.

The partnership will enable Petronas to respond to new market requirements in the changing LNG industry landscape which includes LNG shipping solutions.

The partnership combines Argo’s LNG shipping operations experience with Eastport’s bunkering and ship-to-ship operations with Petronas LNG portfolio. Eastport is the only licensed company to provide LNG bunkering and ship-to-ship services at Brunei Bay, Labuan.