PGNiG Begins Drilling Bronsko-27 Well

PGNiG Begins Drilling Bronsko-27 Well

PGNiG has commenced the operation to drill another conventional gas production well, named Brońsko-27 and located in the Brońsko licence area near Poznań.

The borehole is to access fully documented reserves of natural gas in the Brońsko field and ensure natural gas production from the field at a stable level in the long term. The borehole will be drilled to a depth of 2,235 m.

Besides the new Brońsko-27 borehole, another three production wells are to be drilled in this field in 2014.

The Brońsko field’s gas initially in place was 28bn cubic metres, and recoverable resources were estimated at 23.8bn cubic metres. About 6.5bn cubic metres of gas has been extracted since production from the field started, and more than 17bn cubic metres of the hydrocarbon are still to be recovered.

Production from the Brońsko gas field, discovered by the Kokorzyn-1 borehole in September 1998, started in March 2001. Currently, there are 16 production wells operating in the field. Gas produced from the Brońsko field is delivered to the Kościan-Brońsko facility, to which wells producing gas from the Kościan S and Łęki fields are also connected. In total, the Kościan-Brońsko facility collects gas from 32 production wells.

Drilling of the Brońsko 27 borehole is expected to last around two months. Drilling work is to be performed by Exalo, a PGNiG Group company.

Press Release, June 23, 2014

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