Polar Code Will Not Prohibit Access to Arctic Route

Russian Transport Minister
Russian Transport Minister Victor Olersky

Russia and other IMO member states shall not implement measures prohibiting access to the Arctic route to shipping companies, Victor Olersky, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Transport said in a keynote address at the Danish Maritime Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Russia is involved together with other IMO member countries in drafting the mandatory Polar Code so as to ensure safety of the ship navigation in polar waters and protection of this area from pollution.

Olersky said that proposing limits to the route by introducing unfeasible requirements might lead to destroying the advantages of the route.

According to Olersky, the shipping industry, marked by tough economic climate, may need to diversify its transportation routes.

These alternatives particularly relate to the Northern Sea route through Arctic waters.

With transit times ranging from 7.4 to 20 days and a total of 1.2 million tonnes shipped through the route in 2013, My Olersky anticipates that tonnage will increase to 60 milion by 2030.

While trade through the Arctic route is still in its infancy, Mr Olersky believes that there is a promising potential.

World Maritime News Staff, October 10, 2014