Popular news, June 22 – 28, 2015

Popular news, June 22 -28, 2015

As it happens, bad news is usually the most popular, and so it was on Offshore Energy Today this past week too.

Namely, the most read article was the one on Statoil cancelling a rig contract with COSL, leaving more than two hundred people out of work. The oil giant has cited overcapacity and inability to find new work for the COSL Pioneer semi-sumbersible drilling rig, which had been suspended since October 2014.

The second most read article was the one on the bleak outlook for the drilling market, as shown by Transocean’s rig ordering schedule.


Drillers waiting for better times


Transocean, one of the world’s largest drilling contractors, has shown its lack of faith in the drilling market recovering any time soon, by delaying deliveries of two drillships for 2019 and 2020 respectively.


Our poll titled “Is Pacific Drilling a takeover candidate?” also sparked your interest, and according to the poll results, the driller is indeed a potential takeover target. Also, when it comes to the potential buyer, you selected Transocean over Seadrill, Ensco or some other drilling contractor.


Among the more popular articles were also the ones on Maersk Drilling cutting workforce; another offshore incident in Mexico; BP‘s Clair Ridge platform installation progress; Anadarko‘s Heidelberg truss spar hull  setting sail to its Gulf of Mexico location etc…

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COSL hit by Statoil cancellation. 229 workers must go

Is Pacific Drilling a takeover candidate?

Transocean putting off delivery dates for two drillships by two years

Maersk Drilling to cut workforce as rigs in Norway go out of contract

Fire hits Pemex platform. No injuries reported,

BP’s Clair Ridge platform starts to take shape

Anadarko: Heidelberg truss spar en route to offshore location

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