Premier Pushes First Oil from Solan to January

Premier Oil informed that it will have to put off the start‑up of first oil at its Solan field, located in the UK sector of the North Sea, due to unfavorable weather conditions during preparations.

Since its last update, the company has made progress on the commissioning of the offshore installation systems required for first oil on the Solan field, and also completed the tanker trials for the field.

Nevertheless, the first oil from Solan is now expected in January 2016, unlike previously anticipated by year-end.

After a favourable weather period for much of September and October, the West of Shetlands area experienced an unprecedented number of different storm fronts during November and early December. This resulted in poor bridge connectivity between the flotel and the Solan platform and a number of lost days,” the company said in a press release.

As previously reported, all the subsea infrastructure is commissioned and ready for first oil.

Solan field comprises subsea oil storage tank which can accommodate more than 400,000 barrels of oil under the sea.

The subsea oil storage tank comprises a 45m x 45m x 25m structural tank weighing approximately 10,150 tonnes in eight mega blocks, connected with pile sleeves and mud mats.

Subsea World News Staff