Production Starts from Hail Field Off Abu Dhabi

Cepsa and Cosmo Oil have, through Cosmo Abu Dhabi Energy Exploration & Production, started the production from Hail oil field in the Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) concession.

Hail is the fourth offshore crude oil field to start production in the ADOC concession in shallow waters to the West of Abu Dhabi in addition to the Mubarraz field, Umm Al-Anbar field and Neewat Al- Ghalan fields.

The Hail field is adjacent to the existing fields, making maximum use of facilities already in use. It is located on an artificial island communicated via subsea pipeline to current production and export facilities on Mubarraz Island. The development includes 10 producing wells.

The Hail oil field was acquired when the existing oil fields renewed their concessions for 30 years on December 12, 2012.

Cepsa holds a 20% stake in Cosmo Abu Dhabi Energy Exploration & Production and the other 80% interest belongs to Cosmo Oil.

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