Proserv and Synaptec ink cable monitoring deal

Proserv and Synaptec ink cable monitoring deal

Proserv and Synaptec have signed a strategic alliance agreement to develop an integrated cable monitoring system for offshore wind projects.


Synaptec’s passive distributed electromechanical sensing (DES) technology will be incorporated within the monitoring solution.

According to the companies, this is expected to enable faults and failures to be identified pre-emptively, through a non-intrusive approach, allowing the end-user savings in installation costs and in providing the capability to mitigate the occurrence of faults.

“Cable failures continue to be a significant challenge for the offshore wind sector,” said Philip Orr, Managing Director at Synaptec.“Through this new partnership we are bringing to market a solution which will support the growth and progress of the energy transition and positively impact the operations and maintenance costs for offshore wind operators.”

The parties stated that the objective of the partnership is to move both companies forward in several energy markets, including offshore wind and upstream oil and gas, via the co-development of innovative products and services.