Pudim pays off for Petrobras

Brazil’s Petrobras has confirmed the extension of hydrocarbons accumulation in Espírito Santo Basin post-salt ultra-deep waters, off the coast of the Espírito Santo state. 


Pudim pays off for Petrobras

The extension of hydrocarbons accumulation was confirmed through the drilling of the extension well 3-BRSA-1253D-ESS (ANP nomenclature) / 3-ESS-219D (Petrobras nomenclature), informally known as Pudim, at a water depth of 1,886 meters.

The well is located in the Brigadeiro Discovery Evaluation Plan (PAD) area, located 121 km away from the city of Vitória, at Espírito Santo state.

Log data analysis, fluid samples and cable test from reservoirs some 3,550 meters deep have confirmed the presence of good quality oil.

Petrobras is the operator of the consortium responsible for exploring the Brigadeiro Discovery Evaluation Plan (65%), in partnership with Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda (20%) and Inpex Petróleo Santos Ltda (15%).

The consortium will proceed with operations to complete the well drilling until the planned depth of 4,500 meters.

To remind, Petrobras has announced the discovery of new gas accumulation at Espírito Santo Basin post-salt on October 3, 2014.

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