Pura Vida: Nkembe Block Holds 815 mmbo (Gabon)

Pura Vida Nkembe Block Holds 815 mmbo (Gabon)

Pura Vida Energy NL, an Australian-based African oil explorer ,  has completed an initial evaluation of the potential resources in the Nkembe block, offshore Gabon, West Africa which has resulted in the recognition of net mean recoverable prospective resources to Pura Vida of 815 mmbo.

This resource estimate is based on the first four prospects (outside of the Loba M 1 resource) reviewed so far by Pura Vida on the Nkembe block. Further resource estimates will be provided during the course of the year in relation to the variety of prospects and plays present on Pura Vida’s Nkembe block.
Pura Vida’s Technical Director,  David Ormerod, said:
“We were attracted to the Nkembe block because of the range of play types. Earlier in the year we announced a 20 mmbo contingent resource at the Loba M 1 discovery in the post-salt. Today’s resource estimate recognises the significant exploration potential of other plays present in the Nkembe block, particularly the pre-salt which is the main play currently being targeted by the industry in Gabon. This is a pleasing outcome ahead of our planned farmout to fund activities on the block.”

Pura Vida views the Nkembe block as having a variety of plays with the pre-salt and sub-salt horizons providing potential for large scale oil discoveries.

The pre-salt petroleum system has been proven in Gabon since the 1960’s with the major discovery of the Rabi Kounga field, onshore Gabon adding substantial production. The industry is now actively exploring for the pre-salt offshore of Gabon where nine wells are expected in the next 12 months. Total is currently drilling the Diaman-1 well targeting 2,250 mmbo to the south of Pura Vida’s Nkembe block.


 June 6, 2013


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