Qld Government Releases CSG to LNG Compliance Plan, Australia

Qld Government Releases CSG to LNG Compliance Plan

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell has released a compliance plan outlining the Newman Government’s commitment to regulate the Coal Seam Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas industry over the next year.

Mr Powell said the CSG/LNG Compliance Plan 2012-13 was now available online and could be viewed on the department’s website.

“Earlier this year I visited communities across Queensland where the CSG to LNG industry is expanding, and I found that people want to know more about the obligations companies have in relation to the environment,” Mr Powell said.

“The Newman Government has a robust regulatory and legislative framework so we need to make sure industry operators understand their environmental obligations.

“Equally, we want to ensure the public has confidence in the transparency and effectiveness of the framework.

“This plan outlines how my department will respond to and investigate any community concerns regarding industry activities and take a consistent approach to any non-compliance.”

Mr Powell said the plan had a particular focus on activities such as management of groundwater extraction, production and management of CSG water, fraccing activities and pipeline construction.

“We want to encourage operators to voluntarily comply with these obligations and work with government, business, industry and the community to improve their performance,” he said.

“Where non-compliance is identified the department will work with the company to bring it back into compliance.

“The department has a range of enforcement tools including issuing environmental protection orders, environmental evaluations, transitional environmental programs, warning notices and penalty infringement notices.

“Where non-compliance is more serious the department can launch a legal prosecution.

“All companies have an obligation to comply with Queensland’s environmental laws and the Newman Government will not hesitate to take action against those companies which put the environment at risk.”

The CSG/LNG Compliance Plan 2012-13 is available here.

LNG World News Staff, December 06, 2012