Rapid developments in offshore market require new production methods for Fast Crew Suppliers

Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam is gearing up to begin rapid series production of Damen’s Fast Crew Supplier 2710. This is to meet the projected rapid growth in demand for wind farm support vessels due to the expansion in offshore wind development across South-East Asia that is already underway.

Damen Song Cam Shipyard (DSCS) is well positioned geographically to meet the needs of the region’s wind farm operators, and it also has experience in the large-scale, series production of workboats, in 2015 it became the first tugboat factory in the world and to this day it continues to produce high quality tugs for stock, enabling rapid delivery at economical prices, along with other workboats.

The manufacturing techniques for the series production of workboats have similarities to those used in the automotive sector when it comes to efficiency and teamwork. These shared techniques mean that DSCS can achieve short delivery times while also being able to deliver vessels tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Over 50 equipment and performance options are maintained in stock, ready to be installed.

The need for fast delivery in South-East Asia is due not just to the rapid growth in offshore sustainable energy, but also because contracts for supply in the local industry are typically awarded less than 12 months ahead of the start date.

Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2710
Serial production of the 27-metre Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) will start once the new production hall is built and fitted out. This vessel together with its predecessor FCS 2610, have already proven themselves as an efficient and popular wind farm support vessel with over 70 sold since its introduction in 2012, mostly into Europe.

Over that time the design has had many updates and modifications based on customer feedback in line with Damen’s commitment to operational excellence. The production lines are designed to have ten in build at any one time, with the same number to be delivered over the next two and a half years. However, this can be rapidly scaled up.

The entire supply chain for the offshore wind sector is under pressure given the demand for the products and services that are needed to install and maintain the wind turbines. So as well as introducing the new capacity at DSCS, Damen will continue to build Fast Crew Suppliers at its shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, for the European and other markets.

“By ensuring that advanced, proven, Fast Crew Suppliers are available to our clients in South-East Asia when they need them, we aim to make the FCS 2710 the go-to wind farm support vessel for local operators, the same as it is in Europe,” says DSCS Managing Director Joris van Tienen. “At DSCS we have the experience and the capability to make that a reality.”

Customers looking for vessels for immediate deployment can also contact Damen Marine Services which maintains a fleet of Damen workboats for charter or sale.

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