Region’s first as Fugro USV hits the water in Abu Dhabi

Fugro has launched its Blue Essence uncrewed surface vessel (USV) in Abu Dhabi, said to be the region’s first such vessel.


The 12-meter USV was launched at Mugharraq port and sailed to its new home in Al Mirfa by Fugro’s control and command center in the UAE.

The Al Mirfa port will be the home to the Fugro Pegasus during the coming months and will be the central hub of Fugro’s remote and autonomous operations in the UAE.

“Fugro has been working closely with local authorities and partners in the region to define regulations and legislations around remote and autonomous vessels,” said David Washbrook, Fugro’s director Marine Asset Integrity Middle East and India.

“We are proud to say that this collaborative effort has allowed us to have the region’s first uncrewed survey vessel in the water and adds an exciting new chapter to Fugro’s future in the UAE.”

Fugro said that the Blue Essence USV sets a new standard for subsea inspection solutions, requiring no offshore crew, reducing carbon emissions by 95%, and allowing for real-time insights, faster data processing and data delivery.

The company launched this new generation of USVs in the European market at the end of last year. The first project began in the Netherlands.