Resen Waves’ Smart Power Buoy (Courtesy of Resen Waves)

Resen Waves puts company and tech on sale

Danish company Resen Waves is looking to sell the company or patent and know-how for its wave energy technology after 12 years of development.

Resen Waves’ Smart Power Buoy (Courtesy of Resen Waves)

The company has developed the Resen Waves Power Buoy, which is a small-scale wave power generator with real-time data connectivity that can generate around 300W of continuous power during average wave activity.

According to Resen Waves, it has the buoy, a robust global patent, and years of know-how, experience, and all the technical drawings needed to interface with underwater sensors, provide electric power on the seabed, and data communication from shore to underwater sensors and docking stations.

Commenting on this decision Per Resen Steenstrup said: “I have come to the realization that I cannot bring the benefits of the buoy to the global market alone.

“This technology is very profitable and being the first mover in the market can make a real difference in reducing offshore operational costs and countering the increasing security threats we all face – but I need the help of a professional set-up to make this a reality.”

Resen Waves said earlier its technology is suitable for applications in many different markets, from oil and gas to carbon capture storage (CCS), desalination to monitoring life in oceans.

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